Sympathy for the devil.

Pundits, journalists and football fans alike have finally pulled out the knives and begun carving into Roy Hodgson. I agree that much of what has been said over the last few days regarding the former head coach has been completely warranted. However, I do have one question; where have all these critics been hiding for the last few years? It feels very much like that episode of South Park featuring Captain Hindsight.

This is why I find myself sympathising with Roy Hodgson, and can completely understand his manic, confused and angry monologue on Tuesday.  He can be forgiven for feeling betrayed. It always felt like Hodgson was given the benefit of the doubt, and he even garnered unwarranted praise at times during his tenure. For a man who clearly pays close attention to each and every word that is written about him, this sudden turn must’ve come as a shock to the system.

Make no mistake, Roy Hodgson has done a terrible job as England manager. You can refer to previous articles from Thoughtful Football for evidence of our scepticism from the offset…yes, that includes those misleading games we allegedly dominated. The only thing more startling than Roy’s incompetence, has been the fact that nobody in the country cared to mention any of these glaringly obvious problems before the defeat to Iceland.

Hodgson should’ve been put out of his misery a long while ago (World Cup 2014 exit). For what it’s worth, we’d love to see Sam Allardyce in the role. More on that matter later…but for now we wont bore you with a Captain Hindsight  like analysis of who Hodgson should’ve picked, how England should’ve played or when he should’ve made changes. We just ask you to spare a thought for a man who probably feels like the nation has changed their tune and stabbed him in the back…because they have.



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