Woe is Wilshire. Shame on Shearer.

Watch the clip above from MOTD Week 8. Alan Shearer is analysing Bournemouth’s win over Hull. I use the word analysing loosely. Shearer and the MOTD crew have inadvertently compiled a series of clips where Jack Wilshire (32) becomes increasingly infuriated by his new team mates.

Wilshire faces a new challenge without the support of Santi Corzola and Mesut Özil. His new team mates don’t see the passes as quickly as he does, and he’ll have to adapt. Does this mean he’ll slip into bad habits in order to succeed at Bournemouth? Shearer certainly didn’t notice this, he was far too busy watching the ball.

This isn’t to say that Bournemouth didn’t play well. It’s just a far cry from the flowing football that culminated in Jack Wilshire’s Tiki Taka goal against Norwich in 2013.

Meanwhile back on MOTD, Shearer failed to spot the Arsenal man make intelligent runs and continuously show for the ball in vein. Instead, he decides to do his best impression of Brick from Anchorman. He simply says what he sees . ‘Jordan Ibe turns left, then right, lovely skill, then he shoots’. Is that analysis? He may as well have said ‘I love lamp’.

Of course MOTD are under considerable time constraints, but surely they could do something a little more insightful. Neville and Carragher have proved it’s possible on MNF. Even Jermaine Jenas and Danny Murphy provide the odd nugget as they continue to work on their craft.  But not good old Alan. He just keeps on watching that ball.

Say what you see Alan.


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