If Ronaldo had done that.

It’s time to retire a non-sensical football cliché.

When a less high profiled footballer does something amazing, you’ll often here something along these lines:

‘If Messi did that, we’d be talking about it for weeks.’

‘If Ronaldo did that we’d be talking about it for years.’

So when Everton’s Tom Davies scored a cute chip against Man City last Sunday, it wasn’t at all surprising to hear these words emanate from Thierry Henry’s lips:

“If that was Ronaldo, people would have talked about it all night, all over the world.”

I’m sorry Thierry, this simply isn’t true.

What is true, is that pundits say this phrase a lot before they carry on talking about the more modest players moment of magic.

When Messi or Ronaldo do something similar, it’s just what they do. We don’t talk about it all night because we are so accustomed to seeing them do it that we just carry on as if nothing has happened.


We do talk about it all night because we know it wasn’t a fluke and they are absolutely ridiculous human beings.

When Olivier Giroud scored his self proclaimed scorpion kick, we spoke about it all night. He re-created the moment for all of our pleasure/pain in his celebration in the following game against Crystal Palace.

While this goal was spectacular, it doesn’t warrant the same fuss that it would if it were scored by Ronaldo, Messi or Zlatan for that matter.

He doesn’t do it every week. Therefore it was probably lucky.

For us to talk about Ronaldo or Messi all night, they normally have to do something even more extraordinary than the extraordinary things they do in every single game. In fact, we’re far more likely to talk about them all night if they fail to do anything extraordinary at all.

So dear pundits, please stop using this misleading contradiction of a cliché.

By all means carry on salivating over what may be the crowning moment of another players less glittering career.

But please stop using Messi and Ronaldo’s name in vain.

We’ll leave you with links to some of the ridiculous goals that Messi and Ronaldo have scored. Some of which have been spoken about all night, and some of which were just another day at the office.







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