Pep. Please Watch Wenger.

Arsenal’s performance against Liverpool may have been somewhat embarrassing, but the Gunners still gave us an outstanding show on Sunday.

This particular show happened off the pitch. I am of course talking about Arsene Wenger’s post-match interview with SkySports (video below).

Despite having witnessed the total annihilation of his team, Wenger kept his cool, answered questions with calm consideration and – crucially – protected his players.

Whatever you make of the man’s tactical approach, you cannot question his integrity. It’s probably one of the reasons the media are willing to entertain the idea that it’s not all his fault.

P.S. they also hate Özil.

Contrast this approach to that of Guardiola, who makes very little effort to hide his contempt for anyone who dares interview him.

Pep always appears agitated, passive aggressive and borderline manic.

In a previous article we empathised with the Man City manager on this very subject.

He is, after all, made to listen to ridiculous ‘questions’ (using that term loosely), that aren’t even really questions. But he’s not alone. This is something every single manager out there has to deal with, particularly those that try to do things differently.

But who do Guardiola’s passive aggressive responses really benefit? Him or his team?

You would’ve thought Man City had lost against Bournemouth if you had only tuned into the Sunday Supplement this Sunday.

There’s an argument that a great deal of the hostility toward Guardiola is as much to do with his attitude as it is to do with his suspicious style of football. After all he’s only won 22 trophies in 9 seasons.

From where I’m sat, Guardiola’s approach to post-match interviews aren’t strategic. He isn’t trying to create a ‘them against us’ mentality like Mourinho or Ferguson.

Rather, he is simply acting on emotion, and revealing the shortcomings in his character. Basically he comes across like a dick. Even if he says ‘amazing’, ‘thanks so much’, and ‘I’m so happy’.

Guardiola might not be able to learn from Wenger tactically, but he could certainly take some pressure off himself by taking inspiration from his media conduct.

If anything, it may improve his character, and would certainly work towards making him look less like the scream painting.





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