Gary Neville supports Arsenal.

I’m convinced that Gary Neville is a secret Arsenal fan.

There’s no other explanation for it. His commentary at the League Cup Final was outrageously biased. He spoke with a venom and fury only seen on ArsenalFanTV.

Oh yes, he’s made an appearance on ArsenalFanTV.

All very suspicious if you ask me…

…Ok, maybe suggesting Neville is an actual fan is a step too far. He certainly wouldn’t qualify as a true fan by Hector Bellerin’s standards*.

*Bellerin’s definition of a true fan is one that doesn’t make money on YouTube or from Arsenal’s failure (see previous article for our thoughts on that questionable statement).

But why does the SkySports pundit get quite so angry when it comes to the predictably underwhelming performances of Wenger’s teams?

Wouldn’t you agree that he emits more emotion off the back of an Arsenal defeat than he does for any Manchester United performance?

Maybe he supports Arsenal? Maybe he hates them? Maybe he’s just trying to be entertaining?

Or maybe, just maybe he is afraid of change.

Please elaborate I hear you say…OK I will.

Well, you know how human beings hate change and generally fear for their own mortality? Yes well, maybe seeing Arsenal transition from a force to be reckoned with to an inconsistent mess is a reminder to Neville of his own mortality.

After all Arsenal were the main thorn in United’s side during his playing career. Their subsequent demise may be an unwanted sign that the times are changing, and things aren’t what they were.

Neville is able to control his emotions and bias when it comes to Manchester United. So it may just be that this repressed fear of the future comes spilling out in the form of anti-Arsenal rants.

A world where Arsenal battle it out for a place in the Europa league, while the likes of Man City and Tottenham wage war on the red devils is a far cry from the two horse race of the 1990’s.

Is Neville suffering the same epistemological crisis that the likes of Alan Hansen and Andy Grey must’ve gone through when Liverpool got shit (but not that shit in the 90s)?

The sort of crisis that left millennials scratching their head when out of touch pundits went ballistic about Raheem Sterling leaving such a ‘massive club’ for Man City.

Is it possible that Arsenal’s demise is a mirror to Neville’s own mortality? Or have I gone a step too far in my Freudian analysis?

Who knows? Who cares? Is anybody out there?

Only @GNev2 has the answers to one of the world’s great mysteries. We tried to ask him, but he was still going off on one about Arsenal players walking in a cup final.

It’s a cup final. RUN!


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