Martin Glenn the top lad.

Martin Glenn has had an eventful time so far at the FA.

The man brought in from Birdseye kicked things off in whiter than white fashion. Sam Allardyce was sacked for giving pointers to a fake sheik on how to cheat the system.

A reasonable start for someone whose objective was to clean up the out-of-date Football Association.

But Glenn has since taken somewhat of a step change in his day-to-day activities.

Rather than cleaning up the FA’s act, he decided to start blackmailing footballers who would have the audacity to speak up against institutional racism or bullying.

He’s also rightfully started to make strides in protecting FA employees from racism, sexism and institutional bullying. However, he explained that this was because women will not accept the same level of banter as men.

And most recently, he’s clumsily used the Star of David in the same breath as the swastika and a T-shirt of Robert Mugabe’s face (for which he has subsequently “apologised”).

So what happened to the squeaky clean saviour of Captain Birdseye? Has the prehistoric environment that is the FA swallowed him up?

Or has it simply allowed him to express his true self?

Without stepping into the brain of Martin Glenn it’s difficult to tell. But surely Glenn has failed on one of the most significant parts of his mission.

Rather than clean up and reinvent the FA’s image, he’s dragged it back into an era before football even existed.

Surely this is grounds for dismissal (amongst his many offences). Surely he should do the decent thing and just step down.

It’d be amazing to hear from someone who worked closely with Glenn before he was brought to our attention. The man doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page for God’s sake.

If you’re out there, please tell us what the hell is going on? Has he always been like this? Or is he just trying to fit in with the lads?



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