End of Arsène. End of ArsenalFan TV?

ArsenalFan TV had a great thing going.

It’s birth five years ago coincided and in many ways shaped the #WengerOut movement.

And Arsenal’s formulaic top four failure (or success depending how you see it) was the perfect point of contention.

The anger and outrage expressed by the likes of Claude and DT slots perfectly into your internet feed of marmite content.

Silicon Valley whistle blowers have been lifting the lid of how the tech giants capture our attention.

Tristan Harris, previously a design ethicist for Google (a job in which you steer people’s thoughts but “ethically”) has spoken out about some of the tricks of the digital trade.

In a world where the currency is capturing your attention, there are two ways to do so:

Delight or disgust.

Either provide people with content that they’ll absoloutley love (feeding into their echo chamber), or absoloutely hate.

ArsenalFan TV fits the delight or disgust model perfectly.

You either completely agree with the outrageous opinions of Robbie’s devicive entourage, or you’re tuning in to revel in their dispair.

It’s a subject we’ve explored before when Héctor Bellerín accused Robbie et al of being fake fans.

Love it or hate it, fake fans or an authentic voice, you’re tuning in to watch it.

Why? Because the algorithm said so.

The question is, what now for ArsenalFan TV?

If the next manager proves to be succesful, will the rest of us really want to watch a calm and content Claude?

With Wenger out, will the boys have anything left to argue about?


Cue the next villain. 

Wenger was an incredible asset for the fan channel, and it’ll be interesting to see whether it’s his successor who will provide fuel for the fire.

If I were Robbie, I’d be hoping that they appoint David Moeyes.

But if the manager does okay (or even worse, well), then I’m sure they’ll find someone to vent their hatred toward.

Afterall, there’s always Ivan Gaazidis, Stan Kroenke and Héctor Bellerín.

The bigger risk for AFTV is Robbie going all Dapper Laughs on Channel 4 and becoming someone brands won’t touch with a bargepole.



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